Saturday, January 9, 2010

Good girls go bad!

Love Blair in this song because she doesnt look like Blair! Nice one Blair =)

I'm back!

Hi my dear baby bloggy, long time i stop writing on u! miss u already =)

Let me write something about me today.... im done with my embryo and neuroanat paper... it was hard ok! The questions did trick me enough, i just hope i wont fail! Oh God, give me at least 50 please... i dont need more than that, i just want to pass the paper, huhu

Ok, enough about the exam people! it makes me sick!

Lets change the topic, what about the weather? hmmm, the weather in Cork now is freaking freezing cold and the current temperature is -3 degree. I guess i'll see white Cork again tomorrow just like this morning!

This is random topic, i lost my purse went i was in Rome, Italy! I know i was a bit careless, huh poor me... Now im stranded in Ireland coz i lost my Garda card unless i want to spend 150 euro to get a new one! One more thing, I left my phone in Manchester, so lefties of me..

I met hot police when I made a police report about my purse in Rome =P

I studied the whole notes for embryo and neuroanat in 3 days and I skipped class for 2 days to finish the revision!

"Good luck Estranged... errr i mean Andy for AJL24 this Sunday!"

Currently, I am so kepochi usha2 all the gossips, hehehe =P


  • 1- i want to design my own clothes and if im lucky i want to create my own brand
  • 2- i want to learn how to play as many musical instruments as i can

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The 1st Follower Award
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