Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Trying out new apps for Blogger on my Note after a very long silence ;)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

what to write, pls tell me..

Bloggy Bloggy on the screen! tell me what to write, tell me tell me! hahaha dont
know what to write but still want to write... what a crazy girl!
owh owh owh, i am bored to death... its just 8.17pm.. what to do?!
study?! NO!! am so lazy right now..
watch drama?! nothing interesting...
did already and so full right now...
is it allowed? still too early.. x bapoks ke nnt?!
myb ill just lying on the bed, relax my mind while listening to music...
berangan a bit or myb alot, hehe

currently listening to All American Rejects, It Ends Tonight..
huh really dont know what to do.. should i study?! thats what student should do!!

p/s: am thinking of being professional hairdresser...
myb get the chance to work with Taec! kih kih that was just a random thought..
couldnt think of anything else.. jd penyanyi almost impossible..
dancer?! gemok x larat nk angkat badan.. so hairdresser sounds possible right?!

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Monday, January 17, 2011

i've fallen in love.... again!

oh my, this time its happened to me... again! i've fallen in love all over again... exactly like before, he is NOT REAL! not real means he's the star that is so far far away... shining so brightly making me almost blind... i dont know when this will end (love for unreal person) only God knows...
i guess i just have to go on with it until i find the STOP sign! hehe

btw, im back to school last 2 weeks.. it was good so far... i passed for my Pathology and cavity class ll exams.. Alhamdulillah im so glad!!

my winter hols was superb! there's no word could describe it.. it was worth it!

this is the 'thing' that im crazy about at the moment! ;D

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Refuse to study so I did this :D

I'm supposed to study right now, but I'm so lazy so I printed out these!
Jeng jeng jeng!!! :P

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Dear Bloggy,

I'm sorry for ignoring you this whole time... I didn't mean to do this to you... I was so busy these couple of days... Got RD exam last week.. I was freaking shocking when pulp capping and c factor came out! I think everybody was shocked with that questions.. There were not much to write about, but I just wrote rubbish to make it long! Hahaha

Btw, one shocking news I haven't told you!! I AM GOING HOME!! Crazy??!! I know hahaha so last minute decision and the ticket was so crazy expensive! Just like how crazy I am right now! Can't focus for pathology exam anymore.. I just can think about home right now! I listed everything I want to eat when I get home, so childish huh?! Haha
It's just 3 days to go
Can't wait!!!!

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

what i did this weekend!

it was a bored weekend like usual! but it was a lil bit productive i guess bcoz i finished all my laundries.... (productive in my own definition, hehehe) usually i didnt finish all and i would stress out all the weekdays bcoz of the clothes hanging around in my room! i went to the city on saturday to buy groceries and i went to Debenham, to see the bag... AGAIN!! it was the 3rd time i went to see it and i didnt buy it... but nadia said ill eventually buy it, later or sooner... hahaha i really like that bag, but its way expensive... myb ill wait until boxing day and hope the price will go down... or myb i cant wait! hahaha btw, i bought nail polish and painted my nails... damn bored, thats all i could do the whole weekend... so pathetic! lol

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

a long day of thursday

tommorow is thursday... most people like it bcoz its almost the weekend... but for me its gonna be a very long day! every thursday ill have clinic session which is soooo tiring... eventhough im just a patient tmrw as its still not my turn, u can still feel tiredness when u have to open ur mouth for hours! after that, ill have prosthetic exam tmrw where i have to make wax rim (gum to make full denture)... i hope everything will go well... to make it worse, i have local anasthetic lecture at 4, nice! hahaha btw, thats 'lumrah' for being a student right?! i accept it, but sometimes i just feel like sighing about it, bcoz it makes me feel good, hehehe i forgot to say that tmrw my class starts at 8.30, crazy early! i hope ill wake up and go to pharm class, if not see ya at 9.30 up in the clinic, hehehe... please God, give me strength to wake up early tmrw so u wont have to skip pharm!

p/s: stars are farrrr and impossible, thats what always happend to me!


  • 1- i want to design my own clothes and if im lucky i want to create my own brand
  • 2- i want to learn how to play as many musical instruments as i can

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