Saturday, September 18, 2010

3rd year

It's been a month since I started 3rd year... it feels really good to be back in school (i cant believe i said that).. but its true! 3rd year is more interesting.. there are lots of new things that I learned and im getting excited to learn more everyday.. besides lectures, I got to learn how to make denture, how to clean teeth... i learn to do something.. not just sit and take notes like usual and i love it! i know it will be getting tougher when we need to fulfill the requirements later, but i want to do it and i love to do it... maybe bcoz i got the feel as being a dentist.. the feel when i got to touch and use the instruments, do something on teeth... its very different from 2nd year, alot! but not to mention, its more tiring... everyday got labs and lectures, mind and body both tired at the end of the day.. and i have pathology exam coming in just 2 weeks... i must work hard, i dont want to fail... and i cant fail!

miss my family alot! still thinking of going back for winter, but the flight is hell expensive! maybe ill just check everyday, who knows ill get the cheaper one, hehehehe


  • 1- i want to design my own clothes and if im lucky i want to create my own brand
  • 2- i want to learn how to play as many musical instruments as i can

The 1st Follower Award

The 1st Follower Award
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