Monday, December 13, 2010

Refuse to study so I did this :D

I'm supposed to study right now, but I'm so lazy so I printed out these!
Jeng jeng jeng!!! :P

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Dear Bloggy,

I'm sorry for ignoring you this whole time... I didn't mean to do this to you... I was so busy these couple of days... Got RD exam last week.. I was freaking shocking when pulp capping and c factor came out! I think everybody was shocked with that questions.. There were not much to write about, but I just wrote rubbish to make it long! Hahaha

Btw, one shocking news I haven't told you!! I AM GOING HOME!! Crazy??!! I know hahaha so last minute decision and the ticket was so crazy expensive! Just like how crazy I am right now! Can't focus for pathology exam anymore.. I just can think about home right now! I listed everything I want to eat when I get home, so childish huh?! Haha
It's just 3 days to go
Can't wait!!!!

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

what i did this weekend!

it was a bored weekend like usual! but it was a lil bit productive i guess bcoz i finished all my laundries.... (productive in my own definition, hehehe) usually i didnt finish all and i would stress out all the weekdays bcoz of the clothes hanging around in my room! i went to the city on saturday to buy groceries and i went to Debenham, to see the bag... AGAIN!! it was the 3rd time i went to see it and i didnt buy it... but nadia said ill eventually buy it, later or sooner... hahaha i really like that bag, but its way expensive... myb ill wait until boxing day and hope the price will go down... or myb i cant wait! hahaha btw, i bought nail polish and painted my nails... damn bored, thats all i could do the whole weekend... so pathetic! lol

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

a long day of thursday

tommorow is thursday... most people like it bcoz its almost the weekend... but for me its gonna be a very long day! every thursday ill have clinic session which is soooo tiring... eventhough im just a patient tmrw as its still not my turn, u can still feel tiredness when u have to open ur mouth for hours! after that, ill have prosthetic exam tmrw where i have to make wax rim (gum to make full denture)... i hope everything will go well... to make it worse, i have local anasthetic lecture at 4, nice! hahaha btw, thats 'lumrah' for being a student right?! i accept it, but sometimes i just feel like sighing about it, bcoz it makes me feel good, hehehe i forgot to say that tmrw my class starts at 8.30, crazy early! i hope ill wake up and go to pharm class, if not see ya at 9.30 up in the clinic, hehehe... please God, give me strength to wake up early tmrw so u wont have to skip pharm!

p/s: stars are farrrr and impossible, thats what always happend to me!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

sunday blurrrsss

today i didnt sleep after morning prayer.... what the unsual me! dont get the wrong idea, i didnt go back to sleep not bcoz i studied instead i watched chun hee, hehehehe but need to stop that and start study now... RD exam just a few days from now... i need to work on my brain!

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

writing blog from iphone? thats sooo cool!

Now i can update my blog from my iphone! im soooooo super excited! hehehe
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Saturday, September 18, 2010

3rd year

It's been a month since I started 3rd year... it feels really good to be back in school (i cant believe i said that).. but its true! 3rd year is more interesting.. there are lots of new things that I learned and im getting excited to learn more everyday.. besides lectures, I got to learn how to make denture, how to clean teeth... i learn to do something.. not just sit and take notes like usual and i love it! i know it will be getting tougher when we need to fulfill the requirements later, but i want to do it and i love to do it... maybe bcoz i got the feel as being a dentist.. the feel when i got to touch and use the instruments, do something on teeth... its very different from 2nd year, alot! but not to mention, its more tiring... everyday got labs and lectures, mind and body both tired at the end of the day.. and i have pathology exam coming in just 2 weeks... i must work hard, i dont want to fail... and i cant fail!

miss my family alot! still thinking of going back for winter, but the flight is hell expensive! maybe ill just check everyday, who knows ill get the cheaper one, hehehehe

Monday, June 14, 2010

My first clinical attachment!

Hi peeps,

Today I'm kinda in a good mood, because today is a very special day for me, my first clinical attachment ever hehehehe. Dah lama I x post something here, dah bersarang blog ni, hahaha. So, I feel like writing my wonderful experiences here. It would be a great review when I get to do all these treatments by myself in future. :D

First in the morning, I got restorative session. I woke up late this morning because I couldnt sleep. I was very nervous the night before, thinking what should I do in the clinic. I xtau la kenapa I nervous semacam, bukan I kena buat pon kn? I didnt have any idea that it would turn up so exciting, hahaha
I arrived at the clinic at 10 am (I supposed to be there at 9.30). Kelam kabut gile bile dah lambat, huhu I asked one of the 4th year student there if I can see her doing the treatment. Lucky me, the student sangat baek. The patient was already there, and she was about to take the impression using the alginate. Die tunjuk kt I how to mix the alginate. She took the impression for both upper and lower jaws. I was not as easy as I think, huhuhu. After taking the impression, she did the scaling for lower front teeth and I got the chance to hold the suction, it was so exciting when I got to see all the calculus coming out between the teeth, rasa puas gile bile nampak calculus sume keluar, hahaha

The afternoon session was going to be more exciting because it was surgery session. Mula-mula ingat bosan but it turned up sangat2 exciting, scary sume ade. The chair was set up differently for surgery. The gloves lagi panjang and the barriers, kaler biru, not just normal plastic. Feeling pon rase laen je, hahaha

 The first patient was a girl with the impacted 2nd molar and wisdom tooth on her upper left quadrant. The dentist showed me the x-ray of these unerupted teeth and one of them grows towards the cheek. She didnt know if these two teeth were fused or not because we couldnt see from the x-ray. She started the surgery and decided to remove the wisdom tooth and left the 2nd molar because it is preferable for orthodontic treatment. Wisdom tooth yg dah cabut was very abnormal in shape and the roots sangat pendek lagi, dentist tu cakap baby roots, hahaha but, I memang salute la dekat patient tu, banyak gile kena inject before surgery tu, sure sakit gile and I couldnt imagine how she feels after the anasthetic is gone... mesti sakit gile, huhu

Second patient was a boy with impacted both of canines in lower jaw. Both unerupted canines grow towards the bucal and midline (they were palpable) so the dentist needed to remove both canines. Orthodontic treatment x bleh fix the teeth, so kena remove jugak. This procedure was more difficult because the root for canines teeth are longer and the teeth were very huge. Time keluar je gigi tu, everyone was like "aaaahhh, huge" hahaha. It was very nerve-wracking during the procedure because I got to see the chin like separating from the other front teeth. It was like impossible to fuse the chin and the other front teeth back. But it was an amazing job that the dentist did! Dentist tu jahit balik the bone, huhu gle amazing. I dont know how to put in words my feeling at that time, hahaha It was very meaningful moment and it was worth waiting here in Cork for more than one month, huhu

Now, I cant wait for tomorrow and I dont want to be late again, hahaha :D I really do feel it now! The dentist feeling is growing stronger inside me, oh yeah!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Wishes for ayah & mama :D

Thanks for being such a wonderful mother to all 5 of us, the naughty monsters! We love u mama! :D

Thanks for being a great father to all 5 of us, the stubborn monsters! We love u ayah!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Smoking BAD BAD BAD!!

Just called my mum... the operation is done, Alhamdulillah... ayah pon dah sedar tp still lalok2 lagi, hehehe
secara rasmi nya ayah saya jadi pirate ari ni, sebelah mata tutup, hehehe
tgk entry mcm serious kn? kn? mmg serious pon, very bad habit yg org still x sedar and anggap remeh... tp ape kaitan ngan ayah I yg jd pirate ni?! mmg ade kaitan... mata ayah jadi mcm tu adalah effect from SMOKING!

hari tu ayah pening sbb jantung, hari ni mata plak... see how bad smoking to your health? kenapa la susah sgt nk stop kn? hari2 I call slalu kt m'sia dah mlm.. everytime I call I ty "rokok dah berhenti?" ayah jawab "owh, dah2! ari ni dah berhenti, sbb nk tido" adeh~ hahaha

td jugak, mama bgtau tok ayah tetibe je kne asthma, pahtu batuk2... x penah2 die asthma tetibe je.. then I pon call la tok ayah td.. suare pon tersekat sekat dah, susah nk ckp coz lelah and batuk.. tok ayah br lepas check up kt hospital.. doctor kate sbb smoke! see another bad thing about smoking, hish! tok ayah, sile stop merokok ye.. jaga kesihatan, Along sayang tok ayah!

sile la sedar wahai smoker2, rokok kills u slowly without u even notice tau x?! xde satu benda pon yg elok about smoking, sume x elok.. so sile la STOP NOW!

Go see DENTIST or DENTIST-TO-BE! They can assist u to quit smoking, we have to learn about smoking cessation for 5 years, so trust DENTIST to help u! hehehe :P

Late summer exams post

After 2 paper dah lepas baru terasa ade mood sket nk tulih blog i ni... act sbb td ade org stress dtg melawat my blog.. so i rase i kne la update sket kn, hehehe

2 paper bertuah yg dah lepas tu adalah neurophysio and biochem... hmmm i dont know what to say... I think the questions were ok, bcoz mostly kuar past years.. tp tau2 je la kn, takot jugak kalo ape yg I jawab tu x cukup ke, tersilap ke kn... semoga Allah lembutkan hati pemeriksa tu, kalo ade tersalah sket2 tu, biar la x nampak, hehehe

No paper for tomorrow.. tp day after tomorrow?! amek ko! dua skali.. pagi ade OSCE then petang ade pharmacology.. fyi, OSCE tu ialah exam yg ade 19 stations and 5 minutes each station.... kt situ jugak la kne blakon jd dentist, kne bancuh cement, kne scaling gigi, kne jd lawyer kejap pahtu kne jadi psycho pon situ gak.. adeh~ nervous yg teramat coz x penah ade practice pon OSCE ni.. objective die nk suruh kite berfikir on the spot depends on situation, aduh~ hope2 dorg xde la strict sgt, almaklum la, kalo dah nervous (negative emotion) susah nk retrieve long term memory, hehehe

pharm pon lg satu... I ni dah mabuk hafal drugs, byk sgt... hope sgt kuar past yrs jgk...

Now ni dah pukul 4.09 am, subuh dah msk tapi belom solat lg, hehe dah sebulan I jadi jaga x bergaji, mlm2 x tido jaga rumah, hehehe biological clock ni dah tunggang tebalik, dah x biase tido mlm, siang baru bleh tido, hahaha bile dah dapat tido plak, the whole sleep tu I dapat REM sleep, langsung x lena, pahtu dapat mimpi pelik2 silih berganti.. dah byk kali gile I dapat mimpi gigi I sume bergoyang and nk tunggu tercabut je, cuak ok! dah la permenant teeth, mmg dah xde ganti, agk2 nye ni symptom2 nk jadik dentist kot.. bgn2 je teros rase gigi bergoyang ke x, hahaha tp serious cuak tym gigi goyang tu, automatic pikir nk kne booking full denture, hahaha

now ni utube tgh play lagu Ku Pendam Sebuah Duka, layannn la pagi2 buta ni kan, hehehe

ari ni, khamis waktu m'sia, my ayah buat operation kt mata.. buang selaput mata die ckp... cahaya masuk kt mata x balance and ayah jd pening2, hopefully everything is going smooth... usha blog nadia td, tgk countdown blk rumah tggl lg 49 days, weeeeeeeee x sabarrrrr! :D

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Still awake

Now its 9.15 in the morning, and I am still awake.. bukan x ngantuk, tp I rasa takut nak tido, rasa besalah pon ade sikit.. u know why? I tell u why! sbb nye summer exam is just around the corner.. lg one week and perasaan I bercampur baur.. stress, give up, malas, ngantuk, gemoks, homesick... mmg lengkap satu package..

bile dah stress level makin tinggi mula la gelabah.. satu malam dok pegang note sambil dok bt2 wild imagination, hehe xde la wild mane.. cume ape org kate tu, berangan termenung.. I ni dah jadi x keruan dah, mcm ade org nak masuk meminang tau. sambil2 dok buat wild imagination tu td, mcm2 la I fikir, nak jadi pelakon la, cikgu tadika la, nak kahwin terus la, nak bukak bisnes la.. adehhh.. penat betol dah ni jadi student..
study table ala2 student 1st class gitu, xpe yg penting gaya kne mantapp! :P

time stress jugak la idea pelik2 datang.. after solat subuh td I tetibe mabuk nak g jogging.. ajak nadia, tp die kate pagi2 sejuk, nnt tekak sakit... tp I degil, xnk dengar. dalam pukul 6 td pegi la jogging jap. hah amek kau! naek beku halkum gua! sakit gile tekak.. hahaha padan muka

Friday, April 16, 2010

take a deep rest

Its 1.05 am right now... I've done about 3 or 4 biochem essays. merupakan satu pencapaian yg agak memberansangkan.. hehehe at least I did study right? now susah la I nak focus, asyik terbabas je.. ade je kekangan and alasan.. kalo siang xle focus coz lapar la, penat la (I puasa lagi btw).. after dah breakfast, xle focus coz kenyang sangat plak.. adeh, ade je benda

So, after 4 essays, rest for a bit, then nak solat jap.. pastu hope2 bleh sambung balik.. target malam ni nk bt lagi 5-6 essays kalo mampu.. kalo lebih lagi bagos! btw, lately ni I tido ikot waktu US coz nak tunggu subuh teros.. subuh now abes awal, takot x bgn plak kan so hari2 I tido after subuh dalam kol 5-6 am then bgn la dalam pukul 12-1, hehehe bagos gak act gaya hidup mcm nih, bleh kurang makan coz bgn je dah kol 1, then mandi bla bla dalam kol 4-5 baru makan heavy meal skali ngan dinner terus.. so everyday I just have I heavy meal which mean I can at least maintain my weight walaupun x turun, better than gaining right? hehe

okeh, done with the rest! go back to work :D
kat atas tu ade my fav song sepanjang zaman, Broken Vow tajuk die. best! :D

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I am fasting today (random statement, saje je I nk mention :P)

What do u guys remember about ur pre and primary school? For me, I dont really remember about my primary school. ade la yg I igt, but not much. mayb time tu kecik lg and all the memories tu x berape nk melekat kt hati. the things that I remember almost the general thingings like I dulu headgirl, then I msk pengakap, byk pergi camping.. pastu I msk nasyid, jd bandgirl maen instrumen, tp I cant remember the name... but the most important thing that I regret bcoz I couldnt remember is my old friends. I just igt my best friends and they are not more than 10.. mayb kalo terserempak I cam muka, tp I x igt name. and the worse is, best friends yg I igt nh pon sume dh lost contact... kalo ade pon sorg je coz I know where she lives.. tp tu pon x contact.. after upsr (huh, 10 yrs ago?), teros sume hilang.. myb bcoz in the past 10 yrs (and now) I was away from my hometown. mmg la I ade blk, but I spent more of my time away. I learnt to hang out with friends when I was outside. I start blaja to find true friends pon outside... so end up, I dont have any friends at home.. most of my friends in Kl... so ble I cuti I start jd agk loser, coz xde kwn nk hang out, hahaha Luckily I have such great and wonderful siblings.. so kalo hang out pon, ngan dorg je la..

It was different in my secondary school... I remember almost everything even the simple one.. hahaha friends pon still contact bcoz now dah maju everyone got FB, email bla bla.. so its almost impossible to lose contact.. huhu smlm terjumpa FB my friends (not really friends tho, they are my seniors and juniors), ramai sgt, haha nmpk la everybody looks different now, ramai gk yg dh engaged and married.. kalo seniors, yg garang2 cam nk telan org dlu ble tgk dh ade husband, dah ade anak, haha

and today, I found (not found, ade org invite) my primary school group kt FB.. what? seriously, maju ok! haha I tgk pics dulu2, all the teachers... I tried to find my batch, tp xde pon yg I kenal.. I think yg join nh all the seniors, maybe.. but I do hope ade la my batch yg terjumpa group tu..

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

wierd dream of mine

Act mlm b4 I tido and dpt mimpi nh, I tgk Down With Love, so termasuk la hero drama itu ke dlm mimpi I, hehehe

Scene atas jambatan somewhere in such a beautiful village.

start2 je mimpi, I tgh jalan2 ngan hero drama neh. I was not really sure who I am to him, we seem pretty close but what I am sure we were not a couple. I said something to him to comfort him bcoz he just broke up with his gf. Tapi ape yg pelik, I spoke chinese with him! wth, I ckp cina and I faham bahasa cina. But as long as I remember, mulut I x gerak pon time I cakap.. rase mcm ckp dari hati ke hati ngan hero drama tu. so, ni sket dialog yg I igt, tp I translate la, coz I pon x reti nk tulih blk dlm bahasa cina, I tau ckp cina time mimpi je.

I: Hey, dont give up. I know she still loves u. u just need to find ways to get
back with her. Maybe she just needs some time to figure out that u both love each

Hero drama: I dont know how to say this to u, but I can feel that I have no feelings
for her anymore. and now I realize that the person that I love is YOU!

I: *speechless*


S***T! I x sempat ckp I love him too! Ble tersedar sengih sorang2 pahtu br terasa pelik yg I neh bleh faham cakap cina, hahaha

Lately neh I mmg asyik mimpi benda2 pelik but sweet yg agk2 xnk bgn tu, haha

Sunday, March 14, 2010

World Cup 2010!

I not really a fan of football....
But this video is really cool!
Oh Africa!

Such a lovely morning, today!

Happy 143 day people!
Happy I LOVE YOU day!
I woke up early today... 9 am was early for weekend :P
Sun come out very bright today... Its so beautiful with the clouds and blue sky...
Feels like going out and enjoy the sunshine!
But.... But... I cant....
There are lots more need to be covered...
So I just can enjoy the sunshine through my window while messing up with teeth, DNA, bacteria, microbs, cells etc...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I thought he is gone....

After many years, he is still the top in my heart... even Lucas Scott cant replace him... He has been there since I was 14... I thought he is gone, but he is not.. He is still there hiding in my heart.. He is very good at hiding from me all this years and make me think he has been replaced.. but now I realize..

Happy 143 day Dao Ming Si!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Good girls go bad!

Love Blair in this song because she doesnt look like Blair! Nice one Blair =)

I'm back!

Hi my dear baby bloggy, long time i stop writing on u! miss u already =)

Let me write something about me today.... im done with my embryo and neuroanat paper... it was hard ok! The questions did trick me enough, i just hope i wont fail! Oh God, give me at least 50 please... i dont need more than that, i just want to pass the paper, huhu

Ok, enough about the exam people! it makes me sick!

Lets change the topic, what about the weather? hmmm, the weather in Cork now is freaking freezing cold and the current temperature is -3 degree. I guess i'll see white Cork again tomorrow just like this morning!

This is random topic, i lost my purse went i was in Rome, Italy! I know i was a bit careless, huh poor me... Now im stranded in Ireland coz i lost my Garda card unless i want to spend 150 euro to get a new one! One more thing, I left my phone in Manchester, so lefties of me..

I met hot police when I made a police report about my purse in Rome =P

I studied the whole notes for embryo and neuroanat in 3 days and I skipped class for 2 days to finish the revision!

"Good luck Estranged... errr i mean Andy for AJL24 this Sunday!"

Currently, I am so kepochi usha2 all the gossips, hehehe =P


  • 1- i want to design my own clothes and if im lucky i want to create my own brand
  • 2- i want to learn how to play as many musical instruments as i can

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