Monday, June 14, 2010

My first clinical attachment!

Hi peeps,

Today I'm kinda in a good mood, because today is a very special day for me, my first clinical attachment ever hehehehe. Dah lama I x post something here, dah bersarang blog ni, hahaha. So, I feel like writing my wonderful experiences here. It would be a great review when I get to do all these treatments by myself in future. :D

First in the morning, I got restorative session. I woke up late this morning because I couldnt sleep. I was very nervous the night before, thinking what should I do in the clinic. I xtau la kenapa I nervous semacam, bukan I kena buat pon kn? I didnt have any idea that it would turn up so exciting, hahaha
I arrived at the clinic at 10 am (I supposed to be there at 9.30). Kelam kabut gile bile dah lambat, huhu I asked one of the 4th year student there if I can see her doing the treatment. Lucky me, the student sangat baek. The patient was already there, and she was about to take the impression using the alginate. Die tunjuk kt I how to mix the alginate. She took the impression for both upper and lower jaws. I was not as easy as I think, huhuhu. After taking the impression, she did the scaling for lower front teeth and I got the chance to hold the suction, it was so exciting when I got to see all the calculus coming out between the teeth, rasa puas gile bile nampak calculus sume keluar, hahaha

The afternoon session was going to be more exciting because it was surgery session. Mula-mula ingat bosan but it turned up sangat2 exciting, scary sume ade. The chair was set up differently for surgery. The gloves lagi panjang and the barriers, kaler biru, not just normal plastic. Feeling pon rase laen je, hahaha

 The first patient was a girl with the impacted 2nd molar and wisdom tooth on her upper left quadrant. The dentist showed me the x-ray of these unerupted teeth and one of them grows towards the cheek. She didnt know if these two teeth were fused or not because we couldnt see from the x-ray. She started the surgery and decided to remove the wisdom tooth and left the 2nd molar because it is preferable for orthodontic treatment. Wisdom tooth yg dah cabut was very abnormal in shape and the roots sangat pendek lagi, dentist tu cakap baby roots, hahaha but, I memang salute la dekat patient tu, banyak gile kena inject before surgery tu, sure sakit gile and I couldnt imagine how she feels after the anasthetic is gone... mesti sakit gile, huhu

Second patient was a boy with impacted both of canines in lower jaw. Both unerupted canines grow towards the bucal and midline (they were palpable) so the dentist needed to remove both canines. Orthodontic treatment x bleh fix the teeth, so kena remove jugak. This procedure was more difficult because the root for canines teeth are longer and the teeth were very huge. Time keluar je gigi tu, everyone was like "aaaahhh, huge" hahaha. It was very nerve-wracking during the procedure because I got to see the chin like separating from the other front teeth. It was like impossible to fuse the chin and the other front teeth back. But it was an amazing job that the dentist did! Dentist tu jahit balik the bone, huhu gle amazing. I dont know how to put in words my feeling at that time, hahaha It was very meaningful moment and it was worth waiting here in Cork for more than one month, huhu

Now, I cant wait for tomorrow and I dont want to be late again, hahaha :D I really do feel it now! The dentist feeling is growing stronger inside me, oh yeah!


  • 1- i want to design my own clothes and if im lucky i want to create my own brand
  • 2- i want to learn how to play as many musical instruments as i can

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