Monday, December 13, 2010

Refuse to study so I did this :D

I'm supposed to study right now, but I'm so lazy so I printed out these!
Jeng jeng jeng!!! :P

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Location:Glasheen Rd,Cork,Ireland


Dear Bloggy,

I'm sorry for ignoring you this whole time... I didn't mean to do this to you... I was so busy these couple of days... Got RD exam last week.. I was freaking shocking when pulp capping and c factor came out! I think everybody was shocked with that questions.. There were not much to write about, but I just wrote rubbish to make it long! Hahaha

Btw, one shocking news I haven't told you!! I AM GOING HOME!! Crazy??!! I know hahaha so last minute decision and the ticket was so crazy expensive! Just like how crazy I am right now! Can't focus for pathology exam anymore.. I just can think about home right now! I listed everything I want to eat when I get home, so childish huh?! Haha
It's just 3 days to go
Can't wait!!!!

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Location:Glasheen Rd,Cork,Ireland


  • 1- i want to design my own clothes and if im lucky i want to create my own brand
  • 2- i want to learn how to play as many musical instruments as i can

The 1st Follower Award

The 1st Follower Award
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