Thursday, May 6, 2010

Smoking BAD BAD BAD!!

Just called my mum... the operation is done, Alhamdulillah... ayah pon dah sedar tp still lalok2 lagi, hehehe
secara rasmi nya ayah saya jadi pirate ari ni, sebelah mata tutup, hehehe
tgk entry mcm serious kn? kn? mmg serious pon, very bad habit yg org still x sedar and anggap remeh... tp ape kaitan ngan ayah I yg jd pirate ni?! mmg ade kaitan... mata ayah jadi mcm tu adalah effect from SMOKING!

hari tu ayah pening sbb jantung, hari ni mata plak... see how bad smoking to your health? kenapa la susah sgt nk stop kn? hari2 I call slalu kt m'sia dah mlm.. everytime I call I ty "rokok dah berhenti?" ayah jawab "owh, dah2! ari ni dah berhenti, sbb nk tido" adeh~ hahaha

td jugak, mama bgtau tok ayah tetibe je kne asthma, pahtu batuk2... x penah2 die asthma tetibe je.. then I pon call la tok ayah td.. suare pon tersekat sekat dah, susah nk ckp coz lelah and batuk.. tok ayah br lepas check up kt hospital.. doctor kate sbb smoke! see another bad thing about smoking, hish! tok ayah, sile stop merokok ye.. jaga kesihatan, Along sayang tok ayah!

sile la sedar wahai smoker2, rokok kills u slowly without u even notice tau x?! xde satu benda pon yg elok about smoking, sume x elok.. so sile la STOP NOW!

Go see DENTIST or DENTIST-TO-BE! They can assist u to quit smoking, we have to learn about smoking cessation for 5 years, so trust DENTIST to help u! hehehe :P

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  • 2- i want to learn how to play as many musical instruments as i can

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