Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I am fasting today (random statement, saje je I nk mention :P)

What do u guys remember about ur pre and primary school? For me, I dont really remember about my primary school. ade la yg I igt, but not much. mayb time tu kecik lg and all the memories tu x berape nk melekat kt hati. the things that I remember almost the general thingings like I dulu headgirl, then I msk pengakap, byk pergi camping.. pastu I msk nasyid, jd bandgirl maen instrumen, tp I cant remember the name... but the most important thing that I regret bcoz I couldnt remember is my old friends. I just igt my best friends and they are not more than 10.. mayb kalo terserempak I cam muka, tp I x igt name. and the worse is, best friends yg I igt nh pon sume dh lost contact... kalo ade pon sorg je coz I know where she lives.. tp tu pon x contact.. after upsr (huh, 10 yrs ago?), teros sume hilang.. myb bcoz in the past 10 yrs (and now) I was away from my hometown. mmg la I ade blk, but I spent more of my time away. I learnt to hang out with friends when I was outside. I start blaja to find true friends pon outside... so end up, I dont have any friends at home.. most of my friends in Kl... so ble I cuti I start jd agk loser, coz xde kwn nk hang out, hahaha Luckily I have such great and wonderful siblings.. so kalo hang out pon, ngan dorg je la..

It was different in my secondary school... I remember almost everything even the simple one.. hahaha friends pon still contact bcoz now dah maju everyone got FB, email bla bla.. so its almost impossible to lose contact.. huhu smlm terjumpa FB my friends (not really friends tho, they are my seniors and juniors), ramai sgt, haha nmpk la everybody looks different now, ramai gk yg dh engaged and married.. kalo seniors, yg garang2 cam nk telan org dlu ble tgk dh ade husband, dah ade anak, haha

and today, I found (not found, ade org invite) my primary school group kt FB.. what? seriously, maju ok! haha I tgk pics dulu2, all the teachers... I tried to find my batch, tp xde pon yg I kenal.. I think yg join nh all the seniors, maybe.. but I do hope ade la my batch yg terjumpa group tu..

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