Tuesday, April 13, 2010

wierd dream of mine

Act mlm b4 I tido and dpt mimpi nh, I tgk Down With Love, so termasuk la hero drama itu ke dlm mimpi I, hehehe

Scene atas jambatan somewhere in such a beautiful village.

start2 je mimpi, I tgh jalan2 ngan hero drama neh. I was not really sure who I am to him, we seem pretty close but what I am sure we were not a couple. I said something to him to comfort him bcoz he just broke up with his gf. Tapi ape yg pelik, I spoke chinese with him! wth, I ckp cina and I faham bahasa cina. But as long as I remember, mulut I x gerak pon time I cakap.. rase mcm ckp dari hati ke hati ngan hero drama tu. so, ni sket dialog yg I igt, tp I translate la, coz I pon x reti nk tulih blk dlm bahasa cina, I tau ckp cina time mimpi je.

I: Hey, dont give up. I know she still loves u. u just need to find ways to get
back with her. Maybe she just needs some time to figure out that u both love each

Hero drama: I dont know how to say this to u, but I can feel that I have no feelings
for her anymore. and now I realize that the person that I love is YOU!

I: *speechless*


S***T! I x sempat ckp I love him too! Ble tersedar sengih sorang2 pahtu br terasa pelik yg I neh bleh faham cakap cina, hahaha

Lately neh I mmg asyik mimpi benda2 pelik but sweet yg agk2 xnk bgn tu, haha

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